UV Waterless

Higher Quality, Faster Make-Ready, Increased Profits

The ancient Romans were right: Time flies. Especially if you are operating a UV waterless press. With it you'll increase your turnaround with faster production and instant drying leading to a healthier bottom line and increased profitability. You'll expand your business beyon 1wd paper and maximize your investment by entering into premium markets such as plastic and other innovative substrates. UV waterless printing continues to stand above conventional methods and provide a better solution.

The UV waterless printing using Toray plates provides:

  • Lower mechanical dot gain over conventional offset printing
  • Sharper dot edge acuity, higher image integrity
  • Faster make-ready time with reduced waste
  • Shorter time to achieve and maintain stability during start-up
  • Better solid ink density yielding less color variations throughout the run

Both you and the print buyer will benefit with additional profits from high-end lenticular, plastic, or board jobs in short-run lengths. Security printing for ID cards, driver's licenses, e-passport data pages, and credit cards are a few of the unique markets to enter.

Customers with high expectations will be delighted because UV waterless produces:

  • Greater print contrast; dark areas look sharper and deeper while highlights are brighter and cleaner
  • Clearer photographic shadow detail is produced more clearly through reduced dot gain.
  • Tighter color control for more accurate color reproductions
  • A print resolution of 300 lpi
  • Consistent color during the entire print run
UV waterless promotes the environment

As a UV waterless printer, you'll be able to advertise your eco-friendly green printing process. Your UV printing inks release few harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, making them both safer for the environment and consumers. A 2006 study supervised by Tokyo Metropolitan Government determined that waterless printing reduces emissions by 75% compared to conventional offset printing. Your facility is healthier for your employees and your facility expends less printing energy because the ink is dried as it is printed in an instant-cure process. UV-printed materials are also fully recyclable.