Toray Waterless Analog Plates

Toray Waterless Analog Plate

Analog photo-sensitive waterless plates (negative working) are also available and compatible with standard UV exposure systems.

TANE (Negative working type)

Type Negative working analogue plate suitable for disc and label printing
Resolution 1-99% at 175lpi
*Dependent upon condition of image devise & processing
Exposure Standard UV light sources 340nm and 420nm
Run length 125,000+*
*Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemical, ink and paper conditions
Inks Compatible with oil based & UV based inks without baking
Thickness 0.15mm, 0.24 mm & 0.30mm (.006", .009" & .012")
Handling Handle under yellow safety lamp
Processors Toray TWL Waterless processors and comparable waterless processors from other manufacturers