Processors and Chemicals

Processors and Chemicals

Toray and Toray approved automatic plate processors with low-maintenance design use up to 80% less chemicals and wash water than traditional "wet" lithographic plate processors. Since chemicals such as high alkaline developers, acidic finishers and replenishing solutions are not needed, Toray waterless system will help reduce your pre-press cost and inventory low.

1. Toray Waterless plate automatic developing machine series

Series TWL1160F2 TWL650F
Plate size Max width 1160 mm 620 mm
Min length 350 mm 300 mm
Plate thickness 0.15 - 0.3mm (.006" - .012")
External dimensions Width 1690 mm 1090 mm
Depth 2500 mm 2000 mm
Height 1030 mm 920 mm
Weight 910 kg 350 kg

2. Chemicals

Chemicals used for Toray processor are mainly "pre- and after treatment solutions". For more details, please contact us or your distributor.